Green Team meeting (6/13/2012)

Benjamin Concepts is responsible for spearheading the recycling component of the Wesley Green Team (WGT). An initial budgetary proposal was submitted to the team.

An overview of discussion and topics can be found below:

  1. There needs to be recycling containers in the West Lounge, the Kitchen and the Sunday School rooms. This comes out to be around four or five extra bins. What size bins are needed in each location? Talk with Maria about collaborating with the Sunday School kids to artistically transform regular trash bins into recycling containers. Benjamin Concepts supports these artistically designed bins to be used only for the Sunday school rooms. Places that are visible to everyday traffic should receive standard blue recycling bins.
  2. Benjamin Concepts needs to create a sign that will be placed over each recycling station that outlines what can be recycled. This sign needs to be at eye level. Contact the recycling vendor to see what can ,and cannot, be recycled.
  3. A Wesley Recycling Center needs to be built. The location needs to be determined as well as what the Recycling Center will accept. Collaborate with a student in the graphic design area to ensure that the logos for the Recycling Center is awesome. Alternatively, Benjamin Concepts can design the logo and signage.
  4. There needs to be an outreach component of the WGT Recycling Center. Benjamin Concepts needs to take the lead on developing an WGT facebook page and the corkboard. Maria Jones and her team are potential collaborators on the corkboard project.

Action Items:

  1. Get local prices for recycling bins. Get a revised count of how many bins we need. Talk with Maria about how to connect the Sunday School kids with the recycling bins project. Contact recycling vendor to learn what they will accept and not accept. Create a sign, using the information obtained from the vendor, that will be placed at eye level above the recycling bins.
  2. Strategize about where the recycling center will go. Get the information from Mr. Evans about what we will accept. Design the logo and signage for the center. (IDEA: use the main office as the hub. Modify the current setup so that it is serves our purpose.)
  3. Talk to Mr. Evans about what we should do with making the facebook page. If he gives the ok, contact Scott about his ideas. If they are both on board, make the page. Make sure that when the WGT meets again, people can see what the page looks like. Contact Maria about what to do about the corkboard.

“the Marinas Group” t shirts

Market the Marinas Research Group as a team of powerful thinkers and world changers. The truth is, we are powerful thinkers and world changers. The situation is that we have not marketed ourselves like that. We have the brand of being good engineers and scientists. If we enhanced the brand of our research group, we would feel more like a unit and have more confidence in the group, each other and ourselves.

Midwest Trading Co.

Use this company to purchase large sized men’s socks at wholesale prices and to sell them at retail prices. Do a google search and make sure that nobody has this company name. Take some time and really dig into the nuts and bolts of wholesale purchasing and retail selling. There has to be an area where you can get nice, brand name socks for guys with large feet!!!


After getting the socks under wraps, look into expanding your market niche to include ties, pocket squares, shirts etc.


More brain storming is to come…

Benjamin Concepts has found a home!!!

Benjamin Concepts, LLC has been an idea for many years. Now it has moved into the implementation phase. This blog will serve as the hub of all divisions of Benjamin Concepts, LLC. The vision for BCLLC is to serve as a think-tank for the creation and execution of ideas, companies and purpose. Ideas that will come out of BCLLC include: Groove King Productions (Music performance, songwriting, tutorials, etc.), istudywater (environmental engineering firm or R&D facility), Fellowship of Life (The life that I live through the LORD), House of Tanks (Breeding fish, aquaculture and supplies retail), Low Pro (Auto garage), SuperDude Productions/Stellar Media (Video and graphics), etc.