Update on BC divisions

The following ideas need to be worked on:

Benjamin Concepts:

  • Purpose: Management consulting for businesses and individuals
  • POA: Develop a template for how to research a market or industry. Include the following information: General Industry, purpose of industry, possible markets and market(s) of interest, good(s) and/or service(s) to provide, plan to get good(s) and/or service(s) to consumer, startup costs, projected revenue, limitations/problems with solutions, possible professional/industry organizations, licences/certifications needed/available





Voluntary Music Group

  • Purpose: Teaching music in a new way, recording studio
  • POA: website with lessons, textbook, play along tracks, youtube videos






Bryan B. Smith (motivational speaker/author)

  • Purpose: To address social issues in the US; to uplift communities and give people confidence and hope







Zookeeper Clothing line

  • Purpose: To make clothes that are unique, but low key
  • POA: research how to start a clothing company, trade shows (locations/times), find the best avenue to print shirts, obtain designs from the graphic designer







Terabyte (IT) solutions

  • Purpose: To provide IT services to homes and businesses, website development and management, social media management, AV development
  • POA: Research the IT industry and find your niche, obtain certification . . .







istudywater (management consulting for environmental engineering)







Tank House







Rock House Fitness and wellness center

  • Purpose: To promote physical fitness and nutrition through workouts, exercises and nutritional knowledge
  • POA: Purchase fundamental gym equipment, certification as a nutritionist/PT, develop the website for videos, insurance, clothing