March 25, 2014 – brainstorm

Books to get/read:

“The Bell Curve” this is an old book

“What’s Wrong with Kansas?”

“Diary of an Economic Hitman”

“Where do we go from here?” – this is the last book written by MLK


Content to dig into/verify for UIA blog:

Who was Kennedy? He was a racist, rich kid who didn’t want to deal with Civil Rights issues while president.

Lincoln: Slavery and Freedom – The Civil War was about taxes, not slavery

The U.S. Constitution was based off the Constitution for the Iroquois Nation

Find/commission/make a picture of Jesus that is more accurate to what he looks like (or did look like; he has an amazing appearance now)

Conflict with Russia

Make a video of Miguel’s ppt of Affirmative Action

Libya issue with Gaddafi and the unification of a single African currency

Syrian oil pipeline is the source of conflict there

What really happened in Iraq with Sadaam Hussein

The value of the American dollar is based on the price of oil

MLK vs Malcolm (apologetic vs defensive)



“If you can’t amaze them with knowledge, dazzle them with bullshit.” Onyeama


Idea for media company:

Develop BigBrain Media to oversee all your social media, websites, blogs, music sites, etc.

Logo will be the cartoon brain with “#bigbrain” and a tagline (something like: Let it flow, Let the storm rage on, Let the storm begin, let it storm, embrace the storm)


Homemade food:

Make your own mayo, pickles…


Clothing to make:

I ❤ water (i heart water) shirt. This will look just like the shirts for I love NY






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