Submitted application to WEF committee

Wow, I am estatic. I was asked to sit on a WEF committee! I have submitted my application and am waiting to hear back from them. Follow the link below to see the receipt of my submission!


Technology in the classroom: student blogs

Develop an operating system that allows students to log in and write blog posts online. Allow the professor to regulate internet access, monitor word count and communicate with students.

Second thought: instead od developing an operating system, develop an unit that connects with your router and will allow the professor to control the internet access to each computer. The blog solution would be internet based and developed through wprdpress.

How it feels to be an engineer

I just saw this video and wanted to repost it. Sometimes I wonder what life will be like once I leave comfort of academics and enter the realm of humans. I have grown used to a community of like-minded individuals who understand the quirky details of life. How will I feel when I am surrounded by people who see the world through a different lens? The future draws near!