Big brother for family members in nurse homes

What is the nursing home industry like? How many people are in these facilites and what is the expected growth?

Make a website where people can login and view data about their loved ones. This can help family members stay in touch with the person in the facility and the staff there.


The breakup SKIT SERIES: Alcohol

Music fades in: Boyz 2 Men, “We’ve come to the end of the road, still i can’t let go…”

Scene begin in the middle of an argument between a guy and a human dressed as a bottle of alcohol.

Guy: Look, you gotta give me some space. I feel trapped here. You’re smothering me.

Alcohol: Hey, I love you! You mean everything to me. Why don’t you wanna be with me.

Guy: Damn it! You’re no good for me. You play these crackhead games and Im sick of it. Just get out of here.

Alcohol: Im not going anywhere! You’re gonna love me!

Guy: For real!? Listen, back up! You don’t run my life. This issshh is crazy! There are so many things that I wanted to do, but all my time, attention and energy has been focused on you.

Alcohol: You say it like its a bad thing.

Guy: You don’t really care about me at all. You wanna choke my dreams and replace yourself with every desire of my heart!!! I see who you are! I see whats going on. I don’t give a flip what you think or want. I gotta put me first.

Alcohol: Give me your heart. Give me your pain. Give me your stress from the day. I will deal with it.

Guy: You are a liar! You are going in the friend zone.

Guy leaves and spends the evening working on a business plan. He meets alcohol down the road and they talk again.

Guy: Hey Alcohol

Alcohol: Hey Guy

Guy: How are you?

Alcohol: Im cool. You cool?

Guy: Yup

Alcohol: Cool. Yeah, you were right about earlier. I didnt think that you’d put in my place, but you did. Thats cool. I gotta respect your decision.

Guy: Hey thats cool. Ok, since we’re here for the wedding, wanna dance?

Alcohol: Yeah, let’s shake a leg!

Scene fades into black with some song playing


“the Marinas Group” t shirts

Market the Marinas Research Group as a team of powerful thinkers and world changers. The truth is, we are powerful thinkers and world changers. The situation is that we have not marketed ourselves like that. We have the brand of being good engineers and scientists. If we enhanced the brand of our research group, we would feel more like a unit and have more confidence in the group, each other and ourselves.

Midwest Trading Co.

Use this company to purchase large sized men’s socks at wholesale prices and to sell them at retail prices. Do a google search and make sure that nobody has this company name. Take some time and really dig into the nuts and bolts of wholesale purchasing and retail selling. There has to be an area where you can get nice, brand name socks for guys with large feet!!!


After getting the socks under wraps, look into expanding your market niche to include ties, pocket squares, shirts etc.


More brain storming is to come…