The breakup SKIT SERIES: Alcohol

Music fades in: Boyz 2 Men, “We’ve come to the end of the road, still i can’t let go…”

Scene begin in the middle of an argument between a guy and a human dressed as a bottle of alcohol.

Guy: Look, you gotta give me some space. I feel trapped here. You’re smothering me.

Alcohol: Hey, I love you! You mean everything to me. Why don’t you wanna be with me.

Guy: Damn it! You’re no good for me. You play these crackhead games and Im sick of it. Just get out of here.

Alcohol: Im not going anywhere! You’re gonna love me!

Guy: For real!? Listen, back up! You don’t run my life. This issshh is crazy! There are so many things that I wanted to do, but all my time, attention and energy has been focused on you.

Alcohol: You say it like its a bad thing.

Guy: You don’t really care about me at all. You wanna choke my dreams and replace yourself with every desire of my heart!!! I see who you are! I see whats going on. I don’t give a flip what you think or want. I gotta put me first.

Alcohol: Give me your heart. Give me your pain. Give me your stress from the day. I will deal with it.

Guy: You are a liar! You are going in the friend zone.

Guy leaves and spends the evening working on a business plan. He meets alcohol down the road and they talk again.

Guy: Hey Alcohol

Alcohol: Hey Guy

Guy: How are you?

Alcohol: Im cool. You cool?

Guy: Yup

Alcohol: Cool. Yeah, you were right about earlier. I didnt think that you’d put in my place, but you did. Thats cool. I gotta respect your decision.

Guy: Hey thats cool. Ok, since we’re here for the wedding, wanna dance?

Alcohol: Yeah, let’s shake a leg!

Scene fades into black with some song playing