Things to do (10/23/2012)


  1. work on group meeting ppt (when am I presenting?)
  2. work on CEE 598 wt presentation (Oct 31 due date)
  3. finish assembling the RO/ED system and test run
  4. prepare the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting with Benito
  5. Apply for jobs!!!


  1. Finish the tracks for CPR Jesus
  2. Finish the tracks for Simply Jesus
  3. Research what I need to do to get VR music a business
  4. Finish both songbooks
  5. Think about media outlets (Youtube, facebook etc)


  1. Read the Bible
  2. Pray
  3. Fast
  4. Sing praises to Him
  5. How can I get close to GOD again???


  1. Call Dr Whitmore
  2. Organize your bills
  3. Clean your apartment
  4. Workout
    1. Socials
      • Put up past pics on fb
      • plan out Nov rockclimbing
    2. Computers
      • installs of CPUs, ethernet, monitors etc.
      • Make sure that Cheng’s contact info is up!!!
    3. Exit plan
    4. CHP
    5. General use lab budget
    6. Wallboards