My issues with a poor person’s mindset

I admit to having the mindset of a poor person. This article hit me deeply when the writer spoke about his experiences with feeling guilty for getting something new as a child while he knew the parents were struggling financially, spending money on things that are needed instead of buying better deals and other topics. It was a nice article and I identified with some of his struggles. I know that better days are ahead and this article let me know that I am not alone for having certain guilty feelings or anxieties. I feel more confident in myself to make long-term goals and decisions.

I’m just sharing this with you, so you can see what I’m thinking tonight (Well, thinking for this hour. I am going home and will take a run to clear my mind.).

Ok, I am going to text you now!


How it feels to be an engineer

I just saw this video and wanted to repost it. Sometimes I wonder what life will be like once I leave comfort of academics and enter the realm of humans. I have grown used to a community of like-minded individuals who understand the quirky details of life. How will I feel when I am surrounded by people who see the world through a different lens? The future draws near!