How it feels to be an engineer

I just saw this video and wanted to repost it. Sometimes I wonder what life will be like once I leave comfort of academics and enter the realm of humans. I have grown used to a community of like-minded individuals who understand the quirky details of life. How will I feel when I am surrounded by people who see the world through a different lens? The future draws near!


Big girl is delusional

I saw a big girl on Instagram with the username ,”skinnygirlnightmare.”

Bump that. Ain’t no skinny women scared of you. If anything, you’d be in my dreams trying to give me a blowjob. I’d be like, “hey, what!? No, get out of here!” Shoot, she’d be my nightmare.

The breakup SKIT SERIES: Alcohol

Music fades in: Boyz 2 Men, “We’ve come to the end of the road, still i can’t let go…”

Scene begin in the middle of an argument between a guy and a human dressed as a bottle of alcohol.

Guy: Look, you gotta give me some space. I feel trapped here. You’re smothering me.

Alcohol: Hey, I love you! You mean everything to me. Why don’t you wanna be with me.

Guy: Damn it! You’re no good for me. You play these crackhead games and Im sick of it. Just get out of here.

Alcohol: Im not going anywhere! You’re gonna love me!

Guy: For real!? Listen, back up! You don’t run my life. This issshh is crazy! There are so many things that I wanted to do, but all my time, attention and energy has been focused on you.

Alcohol: You say it like its a bad thing.

Guy: You don’t really care about me at all. You wanna choke my dreams and replace yourself with every desire of my heart!!! I see who you are! I see whats going on. I don’t give a flip what you think or want. I gotta put me first.

Alcohol: Give me your heart. Give me your pain. Give me your stress from the day. I will deal with it.

Guy: You are a liar! You are going in the friend zone.

Guy leaves and spends the evening working on a business plan. He meets alcohol down the road and they talk again.

Guy: Hey Alcohol

Alcohol: Hey Guy

Guy: How are you?

Alcohol: Im cool. You cool?

Guy: Yup

Alcohol: Cool. Yeah, you were right about earlier. I didnt think that you’d put in my place, but you did. Thats cool. I gotta respect your decision.

Guy: Hey thats cool. Ok, since we’re here for the wedding, wanna dance?

Alcohol: Yeah, let’s shake a leg!

Scene fades into black with some song playing


March 25, 2014 – brainstorm

Books to get/read:

“The Bell Curve” this is an old book

“What’s Wrong with Kansas?”

“Diary of an Economic Hitman”

“Where do we go from here?” – this is the last book written by MLK


Content to dig into/verify for UIA blog:

Who was Kennedy? He was a racist, rich kid who didn’t want to deal with Civil Rights issues while president.

Lincoln: Slavery and Freedom – The Civil War was about taxes, not slavery

The U.S. Constitution was based off the Constitution for the Iroquois Nation

Find/commission/make a picture of Jesus that is more accurate to what he looks like (or did look like; he has an amazing appearance now)

Conflict with Russia

Make a video of Miguel’s ppt of Affirmative Action

Libya issue with Gaddafi and the unification of a single African currency

Syrian oil pipeline is the source of conflict there

What really happened in Iraq with Sadaam Hussein

The value of the American dollar is based on the price of oil

MLK vs Malcolm (apologetic vs defensive)



“If you can’t amaze them with knowledge, dazzle them with bullshit.” Onyeama


Idea for media company:

Develop BigBrain Media to oversee all your social media, websites, blogs, music sites, etc.

Logo will be the cartoon brain with “#bigbrain” and a tagline (something like: Let it flow, Let the storm rage on, Let the storm begin, let it storm, embrace the storm)


Homemade food:

Make your own mayo, pickles…


Clothing to make:

I ❤ water (i heart water) shirt. This will look just like the shirts for I love NY





Update on BC divisions

The following ideas need to be worked on:

Benjamin Concepts:

  • Purpose: Management consulting for businesses and individuals
  • POA: Develop a template for how to research a market or industry. Include the following information: General Industry, purpose of industry, possible markets and market(s) of interest, good(s) and/or service(s) to provide, plan to get good(s) and/or service(s) to consumer, startup costs, projected revenue, limitations/problems with solutions, possible professional/industry organizations, licences/certifications needed/available





Voluntary Music Group

  • Purpose: Teaching music in a new way, recording studio
  • POA: website with lessons, textbook, play along tracks, youtube videos






Bryan B. Smith (motivational speaker/author)

  • Purpose: To address social issues in the US; to uplift communities and give people confidence and hope







Zookeeper Clothing line

  • Purpose: To make clothes that are unique, but low key
  • POA: research how to start a clothing company, trade shows (locations/times), find the best avenue to print shirts, obtain designs from the graphic designer







Terabyte (IT) solutions

  • Purpose: To provide IT services to homes and businesses, website development and management, social media management, AV development
  • POA: Research the IT industry and find your niche, obtain certification . . .







istudywater (management consulting for environmental engineering)







Tank House







Rock House Fitness and wellness center

  • Purpose: To promote physical fitness and nutrition through workouts, exercises and nutritional knowledge
  • POA: Purchase fundamental gym equipment, certification as a nutritionist/PT, develop the website for videos, insurance, clothing

the road to a phd

If you want to pursue a phd, the following characteristics must be in your soul:

  1. assertiveness in discussion
  2. analytical thinking about your project, data, etc
  3. motivation towards your classes and research
  4. dedication in everything that you do

The gate is wide open here. You have the funding to support you throughout a phd, the awesome advisor to lead you through it and the personal desire to obtain that goal. Bryan, do not let anything stop you from obtaining a phd. It was your plan from the beginning, so you need to keep it up! The Lord is here for you. More specifically, He has sent the Spirit of truth to lead and guide you through it all. Stay with the Lord! Read the Bible to better understand Him. The Spirit of Truth will direct you every step of the way. Keep going, Bryan!